Parkway Elementary School

Welcome to Parkway Elementary School, where we encourage our students and staff to “always be kinder than necessary.” As a community, we teach our children in a nurturing and positive environment. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our school.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

I am so proud of the progress our students made in the 2018–2019 school year. It was a pleasure watching the children grow, and I look forward to a lovely summer filled with outdoor fun and learning. There are several ways we can keep our children curious and active this summer.   

One easy way to get the children active is to have them help with chores around the house. Weeding the gardens is one of my favorites to do alongside my children. Another great activity for the kids is bike riding. Paramus has access to the county bike path, which is a great activity to enjoy and spot indigenous wildlife. 

The Paramus Public Library has an amazing program to promote the continued love of reading over the summer. I encourage everyone to visit the library and borrow books to read. 

Have a lovely summer,

Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi
Parkway Elementary School Principal