Parkway Elementary School

Welcome to Parkway Elementary School, where we encourage our students and staff to “always be kinder than necessary.” As a community, we teach our children in a nurturing and positive environment. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our school.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parkway Families,

The 2021–2022 school year is off to a great start. The children are adapting to new routines, settling into our new outdoor eating model, and bringing joy and normalcy to our lives. One area we are focusing on is healthy socialization. For 18 months, our children have been isolated from peers and need time to reacclimate to communal living.

It’s important to make sure that children have the best chance for success in life, beyond their academics. One way to ensure this is to encourage them to actively socialize. and think about the following questions:

  • Do your kids know how to make friends and maintain friendships?
  • Do they know how to share?
  • Do they know how to be empathetic?
  • Do they know how to identify and express feelings?
  • Do they know how to determine if/when it’s time to move on from a friendship?

Children need proper models for their behavior in order to meet with success. As parents, we begin the socialization of our children by managing their social interactions ourselves. For toddlers and preschoolers, this is an appropriate role for parents. But, as they grow older, parents take a secondary role as children gain more social independence. As this happens, it is important that we check in with our children to see how well they navigate their new social worlds.

As Parkway educators, often children come to us with social situations (mostly problems), and we always try to get the children to understand everyone’s point of view before we make any decisions about how to handle the situation. Most often, the sticky social situation is a result of miscommunications or misinterpretations of actions or words. Therefore, we realize the value of sitting with the children to get to the root cause of the conflict.

As parents, we do not always have the other side of the story, and we are left with our children’s interpretation of a situation. In this case, asking them, “What did you do?” helps them to try and see the incident from an alternative perspective. In all our conversations, it is wise to listen to our children and present a variety of ways for them to handle it in the future. When children are given options, they usually pick one and try it out. Through these conversations, children can see alternative solutions to the conflicts that arise when children socialize.

Our children need to navigate these situations with supported independence during the elementary years. With parents’ and educators’ support, the children will learn social independence. Please do not hesitate to let Parkway educators know about some sticky scenarios. We can solve a lot of problems here at school without the children knowing the adults communicated.

Have a wonderful month.

Warm regards,

Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi
Parkway Elementary School Principal