Parkway Elementary School

Welcome to Parkway Elementary School, where we encourage our students and staff to “always be kinder than necessary.” As a community, we teach our children in a nurturing and positive environment. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our school.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

The year 2023 is off to a wonderful start. The classrooms are buzzing with learning, and we are looking forward to the long stretch of learning ahead. If you have not had an opportunity to open your children’s report cards, please log in to Genesis Parent Portal, and review all of their accomplishments.

Before the pandemic, all first through fourth graders ate at the lunch tables near the outdoor classroom. At the beginning of this school year, we had only third and fourth graders eat at these tables. We will bring the first and second graders back to the lunch tables starting in February. This will allow the students to eat with friends from all the classes. We are looking forward to this move and to having the children eat as a grade-level community.

Now that the cold weather is upon us, I would like to review our recess procedures. Each day, children play outside for twenty-five minutes, weather permitting. We stay inside during precipitation or if the ground is saturated or icy. Therefore, we will go outside for most of the cold days ahead. So, please plan accordingly.

When sending your children off to school, ensure they’re dressed warmly in wind- and waterproof layers. Make sure your kids have a pair of gloves, a hat, a winter coat, and extra tissue packs tucked into their pockets.

Thank you, and have a great month.


Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi
Parkway Elementary School Principal