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Our Principal

Suzanne Barbi is the principal at Parkway School. She began her love of learning by earning a Bachelor of Arts in history from Providence College. After a short career in finance, Mrs. Barbi received her master’s in the science of education from Fordham University. She then taught K–4 grade students at P.S. 49 in the South Bronx. As Mrs. Barbi’s leadership responsibilities expanded, she left NYC to pursue her second master’s in education at Harvard University, where she received her degree as well as her principal certification.

After returning to New Jersey, Mrs. Barbi served as an assistant principal, principal, and curriculum coordinator in other northern New Jersey school districts. In 2009, Mrs. Barbi became the principal at Parkway School and found her permanent home as the leader of an amazing community of learners. Mrs. Barbi is committed to creating kind, responsible, thoughtful citizens at Parkway School and thoroughly enjoys her role.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parkway Families,

Now that the cold weather is upon us, I would like to review our drop-off procedures. Our parking lot is very busy from 8:45 until 9:00 a.m. Therefore, it is critical for the safety of our students that parents follow our school rules.

We encourage all parents, pre-school included, to use our drop-off zone. There are three staff members at the drop-off receiving students. If one takes advantage of this lane, all of the child’s belongings must be ready to depart with them (no backpacks in the trunk), and the driver must remain in the vehicle.

If a parent chooses to park and walk the child to the side door, they must use the last two lanes of the parking lot which will be closed to significant traffic flow.

The short-term inconvenience of following the parking lot procedures ensures the safety of all students. Too often, a few people break this rule, especially during inclement weather, and it causes an unsafe environment for all of the other students. Please drive with extreme caution through the lot as many of our young learners walk from parked cars to the school entrance

Thank you,

Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi, Principal