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Our Principal

Suzanne Barbi is the principal at Parkway School. She began her love of learning by earning a Bachelor of Arts in history from Providence College. After a short career in finance, Mrs. Barbi received her master’s in the science of education from Fordham University. She then taught K–4 grade students at P.S. 49 in the South Bronx. As Mrs. Barbi’s leadership responsibilities expanded, she left NYC to pursue her second master’s in education at Harvard University, where she received her degree as well as her principal certification.

After returning to New Jersey, Mrs. Barbi served as an assistant principal, principal, and curriculum coordinator in other northern New Jersey school districts. In 2009, Mrs. Barbi became the principal at Parkway School and found her permanent home as the leader of an amazing community of learners. Mrs. Barbi is committed to creating kind, responsible, thoughtful citizens at Parkway School and thoroughly enjoys her role.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parkway Families,

During this time of year, Parkway students are working diligently and acquiring many essential skills. As the students grow, the teachers track this growth and set aside time for parent-teacher conferences to share this information with parents. The conferences are a wonderful opportunity to gain insights into your child’s life as a learner and an opportunity to learn about your student’s academic personalities. This year, more so than any other year, there is a true partnership between home and school to ensure continuity of instruction. With a hybrid model, it is essential parents and teachers work together to meet the needs of every child.

When the children are home, they need support from the adults in their lives. Although we want to cultivate independence, we recognize that at-home learning needs adult support. Every parent should be familiar with the routines and expectations for at-home days.

Printing a daily schedule and setting timers are two tricks to make sure that your child is participating in the learning for the “at-home learning days."

Parent-teacher conferences are an important opportunity to foster student growth and build strong home/school relationships. I look forward to another successful round.

Your child’s teacher will find a mutually convenient time for parent-teacher conferences via phone or Zoom.

On a completely separate note, please let the school know if your child needs to quarantine for reasons outside of the school’s domain such as travel, or exposure during an outside activity. That way, we can make an educational plan to ensure continuity of educational services.

Take care,

Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi, Principal