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Our Principal

Suzanne Barbi is the principal at Parkway School. She began her love of learning by earning a Bachelor of Arts in history from Providence College. After a short career in finance, Mrs. Barbi received her master’s in the science of education from Fordham University. She then taught K–4 grade students at P.S. 49 in the South Bronx. As Mrs. Barbi’s leadership responsibilities expanded, she left NYC to pursue her second master’s in education at Harvard University, where she received her degree as well as her principal certification.

After returning to New Jersey, Mrs. Barbi served as an assistant principal, principal, and curriculum coordinator in other northern New Jersey school districts. In 2009, Mrs. Barbi became the principal at Parkway School and found her permanent home as the leader of an amazing community of learners. Mrs. Barbi is committed to creating kind, responsible, thoughtful citizens at Parkway School and thoroughly enjoys her role.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parkway Families,

Report cards for students will be available on the Genesis Parent Portal on March 31, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. It is very important that parents open the report card and read the indicators and comments written by the teachers. Our teachers work hard to deliver feedback to the parents about student progress.

Just as a reminder, our report card is a standards-based report card, which means we have expectations of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each marking period at each grade level based on our district’s curriculum and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The language we use (4 = Exceeds standards, 3 = Achieves standards, 2 = Sometimes meets standards, 1 = Performs below standards) is meant to convey how your child is doing compared to the grade level standard for that skill at that time of year. If your child achieved a “3” in a particular area the first marking period and achieved a “3” again this marking period, it does not mean that growth didn’t occur. It means that as the goals and skills have changed, your child continues to achieve the standard and has demonstrated growth at the expected pace.

You can access the parent portal and your child’s report card by following these directions. If you have more than one student in the district, there is a drop-down menu to access each child.

  • Log onto the Paramus website.
  • Click on the Parent Icon.
  • Click on Genesis Parent Access.
  • Click on Log in to Genesis.
  • User Name: (This is your email address which is linked to the parent portal.)
  • Password: (This is your own personal password.)
  • Click on Grading at the top of the screen.
  • Click in the middle of the screen where it says “Access your Child’s Report Card.”

If you experience technical difficulties or cannot remember your password, please contact the main office.

Enjoy your April break,

Suzanne Barbi

Suzanne Barbi, Principal